How to Make Sure That There is Legal Access to the Property

A property that is surrounded by other properties with no way to access it by foot or vehicle is referred to as being landlocked. Some people may refer to this as having no ingress or egress, or simply no access.

There may be trails, private roads or paths to get to your property. This is referred to as having physical access. Many people are fine with this because they are able to get to their property.

However if the access to the property is not stated and outlined in the deed, there is no guarantee that you will be able to acquire and maintain that access. Having it written on the deed is referred to as having legal access. Legal access includes public roads or an easement that doesn't require you to cross someone else's property.

Why is legal access important? Because if you aren't guaranteed access, someone can take it away from you. If the neighbor who allows you to cross his land sells his property, you are not guaranteed that the new owner will allow you to continue using it.

How do you decide if having legal access is important? Well having legal access is always better. But it depends on the situation. Your property might be out in the middle of nowhere with no one to stop you from getting it. Or it could just not be risky enough for you to care. You need to decide.

Happy Land Hunting,
Sandy Land