How to Determine if There Are Any Back Taxes Owed and if so, How Much?

So why is it important to determine if there are back taxes on the property?
Because the owner of the property is responsible for paying those taxes. If the taxes don't get paid, the county can take the property away from you.

To figure this out, you will want to do an online search for the county's website (County name, state government). At the main website, find the Treasurer's link. On the Treasurer's page you might see a link to properties and taxes. There are some counties that do post what taxes are owed. If not, get the Treasurer's phone number from the site and give them a call. Make sure that you have the parcel number (APN). That is how they look up the property.

If there are back taxes, the seller is responsible unless you have agreed in your contract that the buyer is responsible for the back taxes. If you are responsible, make sure that you factor this additional expense into your purchase.

If you don't check for these back taxes, you will get a tax bill from the county later in the year that will be much more than you were expecting. This tip could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Happy Land Hunting!
Sandy Land