What is an HOA/POA and How Do I Find Out About One?

Home Owner Associations and Property Owners Associations can limit your use of your property with their rules and regulations. Many Associations will also charge property owners a fee for being a part of the association. This can be around $200-$300 per year. (Developed neighborhoods will charge more.)

HOAs, as the name suggestions, requires a home. The HOA rules tend to be more strict than a POA because the HOA is trying to maintain a certain type of neighborhood.

POAs are all about the property. They tend to be around landmarks, such as a lake. If you are near a park, walking trails, lakes, etc, you may be required to follow the rules of a POA. The rules and fees are meant to keep the property looking a certain way.

The rules and regulations are different for each state. So the best thing to do is an online search for the state and the HOA/POA that the property is in. You can then contact the person in charge of the Association and get a copy of the rules and regulations.

Happy Land Hunting,
Sandy Land