How to Find Out if There Are Any Restrictions on the Property

You might have heard a story of someone who bought a property only to find out that they couldn't use that property the way they wanted to. Maybe you are looking for a property to park your RV or mobile home, camp, hunt, build a home, have a farm, etc. You want to make sure that you can use the property the way you want. You need to contact the County's Planning and Zoning Department.

Start with an online search for the county's website. Use the county's name, state and the word "government". (Costilla County, CO government) At the main site, look for the Planning and Zoning Department. If you want, you could email them for the zoning and restrictions. However, I think it is better to get on the phone and have a conversation. These fine people will start by telling you about the main restrictions on the land., However, they will then ask what your plans are. Once they understand what you want, they can tell you if it is allowed and what (if any) additional restrictions you may need to watch out for.

Note: This is not something that you want the seller to tell you. You may need to explain in detail what you want from the property. You may also have to follow up with more questions to clarify the response.

For instance, I have many people ask me if they can park an RV on the property. If a seller answers "Yes!" (because it is allowed) you would think that you can park your RV for as long as you want. Maybe you intend on staying parked there for 6 months every year. You think you are in the clear. But the exact restriction is that you can park for two weeks before needing a permit. Maybe the permit only allows for an additional month before you need to have plans for building a home. You didn't find out these extra restrictions until after you purchased the land. So now the land is worthless to you. The seller never meant to trick you. He just never knew your exact intentions. When you call the Planning and Zoning Department, you can tell them your exact plans and they will be able to help you understand the details of the law and whether there is anything that will stop you from your vision.

Happy Land Hunting!
Sandy Land