How To Determine What Utilities Your Property Has or Needs

Utilities are very important unless you intend on your land being for recreation only. If you want to build a home or install an RV pad, you will need to figure out what utilities you have, what you need and what is allowed.

Simply calling the local gas, electric, water and sewage departments will let you know if there is service in the area of your property. If there is no service, you should call the county's Planning and Zoning Department to find out if there are any restrictions on alternative solutions.

Alternative solutions for electric include solar, wind, propane and generators.

If there is no water and sewage department, you need to consider installing a well and septic. There are many rules for wells and septic systems. You should contact a professional close to the property for regulations and an estimate for the cost.

When buying vacant land, it is more likely that there will not be utilities at the property. In the event that you find vacant land with utilities, it will most likely sell for a premium.

Happy Land Hunting,
Sandy Land